English Language and Literature Revision and Exam Practice Book for AQA

English Language and Literature Revision and Exam Practice Book for AQA


"This is a fantastic resource. I'm a teacher but as a parent
I would be purchasing this. You've got everything in here you
need for the AQA GCSE English Language & Literature 9-1 course. It
is a wonderful resource and as a huge CGP fan I would say this
knocks socks of their material." SJSmith, Amazon customer

Board: AQA

Examination: English Language & Literature

Specification: GCSE 9-1

Type: Practice and Revision (includes answers)

(Please note this title is also available for All Boards)
"The Scholastic resources go into far more detail than some
of the other revision guides we have used and I've not seen any
other resources that have an app linked to them. We would definitely
recommend the resources to other schools. Everything you need
to revise is in one place to enable students to work independently."
Dave Richardson, Deputy Head [in reference to theGCSE
English Language & Literature and Mathematics revision guides
and exam practice books]

Aim for the highest pass with Scholastic's GCSE Grades 9-1 series
of Practice and Revision books.

Our revision guides cover GCSE exam topics at greater depth,
with clear and focused explanations of tricky topics and questions
that offer additional challenge and when they are combined
with our exam practice books which are packed with hundreds
of GCSE exam-style questions covering the key topics for every
subject, you'll have everything you need in one book!

It's not just practice, each book also includes tips, advice and
regular progress checks to boost confidence and help students
apply key revision strategies. Every book also includes at least
one full practice paper for authentic exam preparation. Full answers
are provided to help students check their progress.

Taking an active, stepped approach, our guides include popular
'It!' features giving students opportunities to self-test their
understanding and apply their knowledge as they study.

Do it! Active practice to help you retain key facts

Nail it! Examiner tips to help you get better grades

Snap it! Read it, snap it on your phone, revise it...helps
you retain key facts

Stretch it! Support for the really tough stuff that will
get you higher grades

Work it! Exam questions broken down into manageable steps

"What they thought was especially clever is the resources 'knowing'
the day of their exam, and then highlighting what they needed
to do and when in the days and weeks leading up to it. Thatcaptured
them there and then." Dave Richardson, Deputy Head
[Read the full case study from Brentwood County High School]

The accompanying app helps you revise on-the-go:

Use the free, personalised digital revision planner and get
stuck into the quick tests to check your understanding

Download our free revision cards which you can save to your phone
to help you revise on the go

Implement 'active' revision techniques - giving you lots of tips
and tricks to help the knowledge sink in

Other subjects covered by Scholastic's Practice and Revision series:
SPAG, English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry,
Physics, Combined Science, Geography, Maths Foundation and MathsHigher.

And introducing the new GCSE Grades 9-1 Study Guides series

Written for the closed book AQA GCSE English Literature examination.

Strong focus on the chronology of each text to help students
really get to know their way round their set text.

Targeted revision and practice with lots of exam-style questions

Download English Language and Literature Revision and Exam Practice Book for AQA (9781407169163).pdf, available at keremgogus.com for free.


Richard Durant, Cindy Torn, Jon Seal, Annabel Wall
Paperback | 280 pages
210 x 297 x 16mm | 740g
Publication date
02 Mar 2017
Publication City/Country
London, United Kingdom
Bestsellers rank