March 19, 2016

Why Street Photography Is Pointless

Why street photography is pointless - at least to me? Because street photography was much more meaningful and being a street photographer was something important back then in between 1930 - 1980s. Because there wasn't a selfie-apocalypse and everything you shot was something special and unique. Today when you take a picture of someone in the street they yell at you saying "don't take my picture!" while they sharing extremely cheap shots of their duck faces on toilet mirrors, tanned legs on the beach or high angle cleavage views.

Today everyone has a camera on their phone and they believe their cheap shots are great and phone camera is good - they believe "its not that hard" to take good pictures just because they have access to a camera through their phones and "likes" they getting in ignorant social media environments.

Today, people simply lost their ability to appreciate a finely composed, sharp and detailed, both technically good and meaningful, beautiful picture. Just because they have a camera on their phone they think they know the photography as an art form - even though they no idea about it.


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