December 29, 2015

December 28, 2015

Snow Peak - Landscape Illustration

Snow Peak | Winter landscape with dead trees on a snow covered hill with clouds in the sky. I wanted to balance black and white in a relatively creepy environment and this is the result. I hope you enjoy & thanks for looking.

Copyright (c) Kerem Gogus. All Rights Reserved.


December 25, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Follow Famous Internet Photographers

There are a lot of them out there and people taking their words like some sort of divine message. Following their steps, even wearing the same hats with them. The famous photographers of internet giving advice about the "best equipment" -- commonly the new stuff which needs promotion. I'm not saying its bad... It's just business and if its putting food to the table be my guest.

The problem starts when people follow every step of famous internet photographers especially when it comes choosing equipment.

One of those photographers switched to mirror-less Sony from a big Nikon D3 equipment and it was one of the greatest fuss ever took place on the net. Same photographer also claimed that dSLRs are a "dying breed" on an online radio program and created another huge fuss about it.

Many modest photographers who are curious about mirror-less systems surrounded with infomercials after that and many of them left their trusty dSLR systems for mirror-less cameras.

I'm going to keep it short and will just say; The famous photographer who switched from Nikon dSLR to mirror-less Sony because of the weight & size of the dSLR now using  medium format digital HASSELBLAD. Complain about the size & weight of Nikon equipment and switch to Sony mirror-less claiming that it does the same exact job -- and when you done with your agenda start using a medium format camera... That is interesting.

This is why everyone should be careful about the famous photographers of the internet. Since %99 of them sponsored - they might be misguide others with their advice, actions and suggestions.

Gas Giant Planet Surface With Asteroid Belt

Surface of a gas giant planet which covered by a thick layer of gas clouds shaped under a huge gravitation and atmospheric pressure also surrounded by an asteroid belt. Another ringed planet and its moon rising on the horizon lit by a red giant star.

Fully Available HERE

December 15, 2015

One Camera One Lens Philosophy

This is going around on my end for a pretty long time even before I started reading articles about this philosophy online.

It is basically a challenge against gear acquisition syndrome. Challenging yourself on using just one camera body and one lens. Preferably a fixed focal length prime lens.

I'm using a humble Nikon D90 for all my photography work and I have a typical 3 lens kit with 18-55 + 55-200 and a nifty fifty. The Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D is the best among this little tree lenses. I used to own a Sigma 70-300 APO DG, a Nikkor 55-300VR G and a 18-105VR G. The nifty fifty is the sharpest and fastest one among them and gives the best results in almost every condition. One day I realized its the lens I mostly use for almost everything. So why bother carrying a heavy back pack for other lenses?... I had a small shoulder strap bag that can carry my camera body with lens attached to it, my Metz flash, Raynox Macro Extension, memory cards, battery pack etc. I put all these to that one small bag and every time I go out I grabbed it with me.

I had a tendency to use what it best anyway. The best results I could get was with my Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D lens on my Nikon D90. This is a humble kit... For many people out there this is out of question because they believe the better the equipment the better your photos get. Equipment helps a lot of things but you can not buy the talent - you can only improve it.

Many photographers out there have huge diaries and chronicles about their one camera and one lens experience but it wasn't that much of a big deal for me because I'm already doing it.

December 8, 2015

My Work On Irish Press | Çalışmalarım İrlanda Basınında

It's actually a bit more just than that. This article published on Dundalk Democrat newspaper based on the highly determined dedication of Mythical Ireland on historical researches about the glorious past of Ireland. Even though I think my participation is minimum on it, author and ancient Ireland expert Anthony Murphy thinks that if archaeologists see these illustrations that may lead them to dig deeper. And both Mr. Ian Cameron and Mr. Anthony Murphy enjoyed my renderings a lot - which is an award by itself. To being a part of the enchanting history of ‪#‎Ireland‬ even with a smallest contribution is the greatest honor to me.

Aslında sadece çalışmalarımın İrlanda basınında yer almasından daha fazlası var. Dundalk Demokrat gazetesinde yayınlanan bu makale Mythical Ireland'ın İrlanda'nın görkemli tarihi ile ilgili adanmış ve kararlı araştırmaları sonucunda ortaya çıkmıştır. Her ne kadar ben katkımın minimum olduğunu düşünsem de, yazar ve İrlanda tarihi uzmanı Anthony Murphy illüstrasyonlarımın arkeologları konuyu incelemeye sevk edebileceğini düşünüyor. Ve hem gazeteci - yazar Ian Cameron hem de Anthony Murphy çalışmalarımı oldukça beğenmekteler - ki sadece bu bile tek başına bir ödüldür. İrlanda gibi büyüleyici bir tarihi olan bir ülkenin geçmişinin ufak da olsa bir parçası olabilmek benim için en büyük onurdur.

For My Other Works Featured On Press | Basında Yer Almış Diğer Çalışmalarım

December 5, 2015

Editorial Image: Fishing Nets On The Port In The Night

Fishing nets nested on the dock in a blue, cloudy and calm evening with full moon in a mystical seaside environment of the Marmara region of Turkey. Local residents mostly earning their lives from fishing.

Available Exclusively HERE

December 2, 2015

Stock Illustration: Ireland's Stonehenge Aerial View

Stylized and currently the best representation of Ballynahattin Carnbeg stone circle in Ireland as known as the Ireland's Stonehenge from an aerial viewpoint.

Available Exclusively HERE

Stock Photo: Desolated Fishermen Shelters

Fishermen shelter establishment in the port of Cinarcik town - which is the district of Yalova city of Turkey. Local residents mostly earning their lives from fishing. Some of these shelters still in the use by some of the fishermen. Most of them moved to different places.

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