December 7, 2012

3D Speaker Set Models On Turbosquid

This is a model of a Luxury 2.1 Speaker Set with Subwoofer. Originally created with CINEMA 4D R13. This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film close-ups, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation.
Unique design and a special color scheme with modifiable logo (text) objects. Subdivision level 4 used on rendering on some of the speaker parts to achieve best result during the render. Native Cinema 4D scene. Modeled, textured and rendered in C4D from scratch. Image based lighting with additional fill lights using Advanced Render Module. Render ready scene.

November 29, 2012

Secret Project In Progress

This is actually a part of something bigger...

And this is also a part of the same thing. That's my secret project...

November 27, 2012

Mp3 Player II - Final

Mp3 Player II is available on my Turbosquid Store.

You can have a visit here

Mp3 Player with Earphones. Only necessary object's UVs laid out. UV tag options used on the other ones. Modeled in Cinema 4D and Rendered with Advanced Render module. Render ready project file in Cinema 4D R13 format.

|| Project Information ||
Memory: ca. 4050 Kbytes
Points: 15111 (62333)
Polygons: 13476 (57836)
Objects: 57 (179)

|| Object Information: Mp3 Player & Earphones ||
Memory: ca. 4040 Kbytes
Points: 14966 (62188)
Polygons: 13332 (57692)
Objects: 53 (175)

|| Textures ||
button_map.jpg: 1024x1024
logo.jpg: 1024x1024
screen_map.jpg: 803x1023

You can have a visit here

November 23, 2012

Some Planetary Vision

Somewhere in the universe there are two planets. They both have life. They have huge vast oceans. And on their orbit, on some point they are getting so close that they share the same ocean.

Planets getting so close, their atmosphere mix with each other, tides are getting high to sky, and then getting connected in the space between them. Their gravity holds everything in balance - it is a perfect balance like the position of the earth. Tides meeting in the space, oceans getting connected with each other and creatures swim through for coupling.

In the night, all of them are glowing. In the middle of the ocean when you look above you see the celestials. On some point, the ocean shared between two planets getting thin and when you look down you see planets and stars through the water. Days pass planets reach to a point that their sun "rises". They are on a trinity system with three stars. Two planets, connected with their oceans and three suns shinning over the wild waters. Days pass and they are getting split.

Gravitational attraction pulls the oceans back. Creatures back to their homes until the next tide...

November 22, 2012

In Development: Mp3 Player

Working on this Mp3 Player model right now as an addition to my Turbosquid Store. Modeling is done and next it materials & rendering.

November 17, 2012

Just Finished...

Just finished a rounded stylish chair from 60's style. And will be on sale soon on my Turbosquid Store. And just started to another chair model.

November 8, 2012

Rolls Royce (Deluxe)

Last night we (c4d, my computer and me) finished working on the more luxury and detailed version of the recent Rolls Royce model. Against all odds of not-yet-solved Open GL based viewport issues. Now rendering it. Soon will be available as 'purhasable' stock and high resolution illustration for print. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.

November 1, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #6

This is the result of material work - which still in progress. I'm surprised how significantly it changes when I used image based lighting instead of a gradient on luminance channel of the Sky Object's material.

October 31, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #5

Mostly done. Engine parts are not accurate at all doing it for fun and making it look stylish. My intention is to start working on the materials next and add more detail if necessary as we go along. 

October 27, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #4

A bit more progress on my Rolls model. "Symmetrying" operation is done finally. And honestly I took a brake from it to work on poster design for a movie! Named The Legend Of The Red Reaper - which was really cool and relaxing to work on. Now I think I can back on track. Besides I was out for photography also which I'll post next.

October 22, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #3

Yes, still my Rolls Royce model. Still working on it. Coming along nicely...

Cornucopia3D - Weekly News

Nice to see my Ironheart render on today's newsletter. See original here: - model by Armour Z freebee by Zikeo and Aremis2000 (Muskateer). If I don't mention them, they track me down and harass me... It's so good to have colleagues.

October 15, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #2

I couldn't post too much in the process of creating this because fully focused on doing it properly. However sometimes I'm rendering it to see how it looks.

My intention is first finishing the outer details and then start working on the inner. Planning to add interior, engine and other driving elements. And here how it looks with ambient occlusion material...

October 11, 2012

Never Knew There Is Such Thing As Fake Interview

Here is a funny thing happened lately: A person contacted and insisted to have an interview with me about my 3D work and photography. On early interviews, people always send me questions and I answer and send them back. However this person wanted it like an e-mail correspondence... Well, it's bothered me deep inside for some reason, call it a hunch but I said okay anyway. It started, questions came and I replied and replied. And the person who holding the interview especially asked a lot of questions about one particular work. Then some point interview "ended" and person vanished. Earlier told me that they will contact me when interview published but never got a message. And never got any return to my e-mail about asking what happened also.

This is weird. What you guys think it could be? Why someone fake an interview? I tried to think about it positively about what it could be. I hope that person is okay though - nothing unfortunate happened to them. But asking a lot of questions and disappearing is simply weird.

Perhaps I should wake up just like I did about "job offers"... I stopped replying so called "job offers" popping out from nowhere from a person with just a gmail or yahoo e-mail address and no other record on the internet. These always turned out fake with full of empty promises. Now I only reply companies or e-mails related with a dot com address. I need to see a reliable connection with somewhere, unless I'm ignoring it. I should do this to "interview offers" too.

Thanks for your time to read :)

-- K.

October 2, 2012

Castle - In Progress

Just started to working on my castle construction kit. My intention is to texture these parts first and start to build the castle. Then model the necessary parts and texture those new ones afterwards. Since there'll be a lot of repetition it's better to have them textured and then duplicate them.

New Classic Living Room

.: New Living Room :.
Cinema 4D R13 native format. Clean, high polygon modeling. Elegant and beautifully designed furniture. Realistic night environment with soft interior light from appliances. - UVs laid out on the small cushions of the couch - For the rest of the objects, UV map modifiers of Cinema 4D used. Mostly cubic mapping. - Seamless textures - Area lights used on the scene with area shadows.

.: Project Information :. Memory: ca. 62297 (Kbytes) Points: 1478283 (1562985) Polygons: 1382687 (1467055) Objects: 434 (440)

See it at Turbosquid

September 25, 2012

September 22, 2012

New Living Room #3

A bit more progress. Keeping up modeling furnitures, will add small details and other little stuff.

New Living Room #2

I've tweaked the couch a bit more. Those seating cushions were almost the same. Now they are a bit more natural.

Modeling the rest of the furniture.

September 21, 2012

New Living Room

New Living Room is a contemporary architectural interior that I am currently working on and will available soon on my Turbosquid Store

September 9, 2012

Stylized Kitchen - In Development

Started to work on a new kitchen model when things between me and kitchens were still warm. This is more stylized and based on a tutorial on CGtuts Plus actually. But I keep going where the modeling part ends on the tutorial and add my own unique touch to it. This is how it goes so far...

September 4, 2012

Elegant Kitchen

Elegant kitchen interior environment

Native Cinema 4D project file with procedural textures and materials. Lighting done and it's render ready. Requires Advanced Render module of Cinema 4D R13. All objects modeled from scratch just for this scene.

I'll keep posting about it when it gets the Checkmate certificate on Turbosquid

August 31, 2012

Architecture - Kitchen Environment

I started this project a couple weeks ago. It's not the exciting thing I've ever done but I am happy working on architectural stuff actually. Sometimes it feels like building a home to myself.

And today I spend a lot of time to work on that oven. C4D's spline tools were total delusion (or a joke?!) I had to keep going with polygons...
Fridge looks awfully cubical but I'll make it work on rendering in some way.
Today I started lighting because overall modeling is finished. However I'm planning to keep adding small details like bowls, glasses, towels, bottles etc.
Some work I've done today. Lighting took a lot of time - now I'm messing around with materials...
Here's how it goes so far...
So, render times getting longer when I tweak the materials. Anyway, first I added blurry reflections to surface and cabinet materials with fresnel. And switched the anti-aliasing to best. But kept the lower value 1x1. Instead increasing it overall, I added a compositing tag to the floor with anti-aliasing override with lower value of 2x2.
Since I go where the wind of inspiration takes me I ended up outer wall object which turned out complete mess. Instead of struggling to fix it I remodeled it. Thank God it's nothing but a simple box.
I'll put a piano there for Diana Krall...


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