November 29, 2012

Secret Project In Progress

This is actually a part of something bigger...

And this is also a part of the same thing. That's my secret project...

November 27, 2012

Mp3 Player II - Final

Mp3 Player II is available on my Turbosquid Store.

You can have a visit here

Mp3 Player with Earphones. Only necessary object's UVs laid out. UV tag options used on the other ones. Modeled in Cinema 4D and Rendered with Advanced Render module. Render ready project file in Cinema 4D R13 format.

|| Project Information ||
Memory: ca. 4050 Kbytes
Points: 15111 (62333)
Polygons: 13476 (57836)
Objects: 57 (179)

|| Object Information: Mp3 Player & Earphones ||
Memory: ca. 4040 Kbytes
Points: 14966 (62188)
Polygons: 13332 (57692)
Objects: 53 (175)

|| Textures ||
button_map.jpg: 1024x1024
logo.jpg: 1024x1024
screen_map.jpg: 803x1023

You can have a visit here

November 23, 2012

Some Planetary Vision

Somewhere in the universe there are two planets. They both have life. They have huge vast oceans. And on their orbit, on some point they are getting so close that they share the same ocean.

Planets getting so close, their atmosphere mix with each other, tides are getting high to sky, and then getting connected in the space between them. Their gravity holds everything in balance - it is a perfect balance like the position of the earth. Tides meeting in the space, oceans getting connected with each other and creatures swim through for coupling.

In the night, all of them are glowing. In the middle of the ocean when you look above you see the celestials. On some point, the ocean shared between two planets getting thin and when you look down you see planets and stars through the water. Days pass planets reach to a point that their sun "rises". They are on a trinity system with three stars. Two planets, connected with their oceans and three suns shinning over the wild waters. Days pass and they are getting split.

Gravitational attraction pulls the oceans back. Creatures back to their homes until the next tide...

November 22, 2012

In Development: Mp3 Player

Working on this Mp3 Player model right now as an addition to my Turbosquid Store. Modeling is done and next it materials & rendering.

November 17, 2012

Just Finished...

Just finished a rounded stylish chair from 60's style. And will be on sale soon on my Turbosquid Store. And just started to another chair model.

November 8, 2012

Rolls Royce (Deluxe)

Last night we (c4d, my computer and me) finished working on the more luxury and detailed version of the recent Rolls Royce model. Against all odds of not-yet-solved Open GL based viewport issues. Now rendering it. Soon will be available as 'purhasable' stock and high resolution illustration for print. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.

November 1, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #6

This is the result of material work - which still in progress. I'm surprised how significantly it changes when I used image based lighting instead of a gradient on luminance channel of the Sky Object's material.


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