October 31, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #5

Mostly done. Engine parts are not accurate at all doing it for fun and making it look stylish. My intention is to start working on the materials next and add more detail if necessary as we go along. 

October 27, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #4

A bit more progress on my Rolls model. "Symmetrying" operation is done finally. And honestly I took a brake from it to work on poster design for a movie! Named The Legend Of The Red Reaper - which was really cool and relaxing to work on. Now I think I can back on track. Besides I was out for photography also which I'll post next.

October 22, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #3

Yes, still my Rolls Royce model. Still working on it. Coming along nicely...

Cornucopia3D - Weekly News

Nice to see my Ironheart render on today's Cornucopia3D.com newsletter. See original here: http://fav.me/d2g48q9 - model by Armour Z freebee by Zikeo and Aremis2000 (Muskateer). If I don't mention them, they track me down and harass me... It's so good to have colleagues.

October 15, 2012

Rolls Royce - In Development #2

I couldn't post too much in the process of creating this because fully focused on doing it properly. However sometimes I'm rendering it to see how it looks.

My intention is first finishing the outer details and then start working on the inner. Planning to add interior, engine and other driving elements. And here how it looks with ambient occlusion material...

October 11, 2012

Never Knew There Is Such Thing As Fake Interview

Here is a funny thing happened lately: A person contacted and insisted to have an interview with me about my 3D work and photography. On early interviews, people always send me questions and I answer and send them back. However this person wanted it like an e-mail correspondence... Well, it's bothered me deep inside for some reason, call it a hunch but I said okay anyway. It started, questions came and I replied and replied. And the person who holding the interview especially asked a lot of questions about one particular work. Then some point interview "ended" and person vanished. Earlier told me that they will contact me when interview published but never got a message. And never got any return to my e-mail about asking what happened also.

This is weird. What you guys think it could be? Why someone fake an interview? I tried to think about it positively about what it could be. I hope that person is okay though - nothing unfortunate happened to them. But asking a lot of questions and disappearing is simply weird.

Perhaps I should wake up just like I did about "job offers"... I stopped replying so called "job offers" popping out from nowhere from a person with just a gmail or yahoo e-mail address and no other record on the internet. These always turned out fake with full of empty promises. Now I only reply companies or e-mails related with a dot com address. I need to see a reliable connection with somewhere, unless I'm ignoring it. I should do this to "interview offers" too.

Thanks for your time to read :)

-- K.

October 2, 2012

Castle - In Progress

Just started to working on my castle construction kit. My intention is to texture these parts first and start to build the castle. Then model the necessary parts and texture those new ones afterwards. Since there'll be a lot of repetition it's better to have them textured and then duplicate them.

New Classic Living Room

.: New Living Room :.
Cinema 4D R13 native format. Clean, high polygon modeling. Elegant and beautifully designed furniture. Realistic night environment with soft interior light from appliances. - UVs laid out on the small cushions of the couch - For the rest of the objects, UV map modifiers of Cinema 4D used. Mostly cubic mapping. - Seamless textures - Area lights used on the scene with area shadows.

.: Project Information :. Memory: ca. 62297 (Kbytes) Points: 1478283 (1562985) Polygons: 1382687 (1467055) Objects: 434 (440)

See it at Turbosquid


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