June 24, 2012

Cydonian Ruins

..: Cydonian Ruins :..
Vue base render painted over. Ruins modeled with Cinema 4D & Vue Terrain Editor.

June 21, 2012

Metablobs - Hyperterrains #1

Finally had some time to study some important Vue learning material from my friend Dax Pandhi.

Tablet PC

Carefully modeled Tablet PC. Cinema 4D R13 native format. Logo and screen can be replaced with brand and any operating system screen shot you like.

..: Project Information :..
Memory: ca. 1932 kbytes
Points: 8694 (31831)
Polygons: 6886 (23136)
Objects: 41 (190)

..: Object Information :..
Memory: ca. 1932 kbytes
Points: 8694 (31831)
Polygons: 6886 (23136)
Objects: 37 (186)

- Lighting, materials and texture are done. Ready to render. You can replace HDR image and lights as you like.

- Screenshot of the operating system also added as PSD file so you can play and change it easily.

- Hope you enjoy and would be useful for your cool projects!

June 19, 2012

Zune HD

High quality Zune mp3 player model to add realism to your projects. Modeled, textured and rendered with Cinema 4D R13. All parts named and organized properly. Final images rendered with Advanced Renderer.

= Features:
- Clean and accurate modeling
- Materials and lights can be easily change and replaced
- Textures and materials applied

..: Cinema 4D Object Information :..
Memory: ca. 2106 Kbytes
Points: 4351 (34707)
Polygons: 4352 (28777)
Objects: 70 (240)

..: Cinema 4D Project Information :..
Memory: ca. 2107 Kbytes
Points: 4351 (34723)
Polygons: 4352 (28781)
Objects: 76 (250)

Texture Format: PSD 336 x 589

Hope you enjoy and helps on your cool projects. For more models please click my username and check my storefront.

June 17, 2012

Zune Mp3 Player - In Development

Here are some AO renders with C4D's Ambient Occlusion material. It's fast - easy to use and efficient. I'm looking forward to start work on more complicated models and render them with AO :)

June 7, 2012

Venus Transit II

Venus Transit II
Second version of my Venus Transit theme image. Inspired by a true event... Vue base render painted over. Pier modeled with Cinema 4D - composite on Photoshop.

June 6, 2012

Venus Transit

Venus Transit
Inspired by this years biggest event. Vue base render painted over in Photoshop. Pier modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D.
Full View necessary.

Elegant Bathroom

My Elegant Bathroom model on TurboSquid. Created from scratch with using Cinema 4D R13. Rendered with Advanced Render.

Scene & Project Information:
Memory: ca. 30508 kbytes
Points: 144460 (446723)
Polygons: 144813 (427858)
Objects: 274 (640)

- Ideal for animation and architectural visualization projects.
- Clean geometry
- Scene is ready to render

See it at Turbosquid


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