October 21, 2011

Edge Issue On Merged Vertecies

So this is an issue I came across while modeling on Maya. You know that Maya can be a real pain in the ass. And this happens sometimes when I combined two meshes and merge vertecies.

What happens is edges between the merged verts are keeping their highlights like those vertecies never merged. Mesh Cleanup command is able to solve that problem most of the time if you use it with right options selected.

I hope this helps you out!

October 13, 2011

Seamagic Is Here!

Seamagic tells the story of gentle lapping of the waves, a siren luring you into the depths, faraway dolphins, the dark depth of the deep see with unknown secrets, the playing of the waters when the evening tide comes in, sounds of an Irish Harbour, an ancient port to be rediscovered, mythical figures appearing and leaving you inspired, balancing of the inner waters of the body, gentle sparks of morning dew to be born on a spring morning, powerful waves breaking against a rock of a lighthouse, an ancient celtic lough mirroring the blue of the sky in the waters and opening up your desires.

Let yourself be transported on a journey and discover the power of water.

I-Tunes & Amazon: Karin Leitner


October 4, 2011

About The Products | Ürünler Hakkında

About The Products: Dear friends, my products at Zazzle and Deviantart Print Store are not virtual products. They are actual products you can see, smell, taste and touch in real life. When you ordered a calendar, poster, t-shirt, ipad/iphone speck case - you'll get a super-high quality, sleek-designed product in your hands. Both of my stores on DevArt & Zazzle are offering the most best print quality available in this planet. Now have another visit and take another look:

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Ürünler Hakkında: Sevgili arkadaşlar, Zazzle ve Deviantart'da satışta olan ürünlerim sanal ürünler değildir. Gerçek hayatta görüp, dokunup, koklayıp, tadabileceğiniz gerçek ürünlerdir. Takvim, poster, t-şört, ipad/iphone kutusu sipariş ettiğinizde super yüksek kaliteli, zarif tasarımlı ürünler almış olacaksınız. Hem Deviantart hem de Zazzle'da bu gezegende mevcut olan en yüksek baskı ve üretim kalitesi sunulmaktadır. Şimdi tekrar ziyaret edip bir kez daha bakın:

Zazzle Ürünleri: http://www.zazzle.com/kerem/
DevArt Ürünleri: http://artofkerem.deviantart.com/store/

October 3, 2011


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