September 29, 2011

MAXON Unveils CINEMA 4D Release 13

MAXON announced CINEMA 4D Release 13, the next generation of its industry- leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting, and rendering software application. With all new character tools, integrated stereographic capabilities, stream-lined multi-artist collaboration and physical rendering, CINEMA 4D Release 13 builds on the company’s 25-year legacy of enabling digital content creators around the world to produce highly engaging content quickly and easily for a variety of industries.

As MAXON commemorates its 25-year anniversary and its most successful year to date in 2010, Harald Egel, MAXON founder and CEO, observes that today’s work environments are marked increasingly by designers creating content in remote locations, working on various platforms and production pipelines, as well as producing more 3D stereoscopic material.

“CINEMA 4D R13 is supercharged with numerous productivity enhancements that cater to the multi-collaboration challenges our customers face every day,” Harald Egel states. “Artists interested in expanding their capabilities will love the new character tools. And, of course, the physical renderer with stereoscopic functionality is incredibly important as the new way to deliver immersive entertainment.”

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V Menu Of Cinema 4D

Many of C4D users already know that but this is something I really like - much more useful, well designed and efficient than Maya's Hotbox (if there are people out there think that's inspired from Maya, they should know it's 1000 times better).

That V Menu features the most important options you can use while modeling. They are not bolted together roughly like Maya's crapbox. A carefully designed, fast and useful shortcut menu to most important tools of C4D.

Form a habit of using it - if you still didn't, you'll enjoy it.

September 16, 2011

My Name On

That made me smile. I am official now... :)

Animation Department
Kerem Gogus....background artist'daki İlk Türk Galeri Yöneticisi

Bundan yaklaşık bir sene önce layık görüldüğüm 3D Galeri Yöneticiliğinin son aylarını yaşamaktayım. Galeri yöneticiliği artık bir yıllık periyodlarla yapılıyor ve benim de bir yılım dolmak üzere.

2004'de'a ilk katıldığımda en çok istediğim şeylerden biri de sitede gönüllü olarak görev almak ve faydalı olabilmekti. O zamanlar oldukça popüler olan, hatta Zürriyet Gazatasının, At Şeyindeki Kelebek mecmuasında kendilerinden bahsedilen ''deviantartın türkleri'' - yine Deviantart bünyesinde yer alan Türkiye grubunda site yönetiminin ne kadar faşist olduğu ve Türklere asla yöneticilik vermeyeceklerini konuşup duruyorlardı. Bu dar bakış açıları, vizyonsuzlukları onları oldukları yerde tuttu. Yaptığım 3D işlerle rekabet edemeyip direkt olarak bana bulaşmaya çalışanlar da dahil olmak üzere büyük çoğunluğu siteden defoldu gitti. Sayfası hala açık olanlara da bakan bile yok. Sonuçta ektiklerini biçtiler. bünyesinde beni gruplarına kabul etmeyen bu insanlar galeri yöneticisi olduğumu görünce çalışmalarını ön sayfaya seçeyim diye mesajlar atmaya başladılar. Nasıl bir karakter yapısına sahip olduklarını buradan görmek mümkün, illa ülkenin şu anki haline bakmaya gerek yok.

Büyük bir keyifle sürdürdüğüm görevim yakında bitecek, ve sonuçta benim de bir çok güzel anım ve ileride işe yarayacağına inandığım pek çok yeni tecrübem olmuş olacak.

Şimdilik bu kadar...

Stylish Police Vehicle

Cartoon Style Police Car.

Look here foe the Poly Count:
339959 With Hypernurbs (Subdivision)
34439 When Hypernurbs (Subdivision) Disabled

Cinema 4D native format. Materials and rendering done with Advanced Render. Only necessary parts had laid out UVs (headlights, siren) On the other parts I've used C4D's UV Tags. Futuristic Bridge Environment on the second presentation image is also available on my store. That is a stylish, cartoon style, clean modeled police vehicle which looks good on renders and can help you out on your cool projects. Hope you enjoy!
I can proudly announce that my Planet Earth model got quality certificate on Turbosquid. Visit here to see the model and here to see my store.

Follow Your Passion - Find Your Power

You may be familiar with Bob Doyle.

He was a part of the movie and book "The Secret" and has been teaching the principles discussed in that film for nearly 10 years.

Before he discovered and learned to work with what's called the Law of Attraction, he was like a lot of people...struggling financially, and finding no happiness in any of his career choices.

With a young family and no job, Bob started implementing what he finally realized was the SCIENCE of creating life by design. He was really focused on science because he needed to know that all of this wasn't some kind of new-age happy talk.

Once he started using these principles to change his core belief structure about success and money really meant to him, the direction of his life shifted dramatically...and as he saw results, he started teaching how he achieved them.

For a decade, his Wealth Beyond Reason program has been teaching these principles effectively in ways that few others have, resulting in a powerfully transformative experience for his students.

Bob is just about to release his latest book, "Follow Your Passion - Find Your Power", which communicates probably the most down-to-earth and practical explanations of the Law of Attraction I've ever heard. And he goes on to explain exactly why these principles don't seem to be working in your life, and what to do about it.

The main focus of the book is to reconnect you with your sense of passion. Given that the most successful people in the world are those that do what they're passionate about, you can see why living a fully passionate life would be something to aspire too.

To lead up to his book release, Bob is releasing a set of interviews he recently conducted with highly successful people who attribute that success to following their passions.

These interviews are filled with great inspirational stories of how "ordinary people" became extraordinary, simply by tapping into their sense of passion and following their bliss.

If that sound too pie-in-the-sky, then you DEFINITELY want to hear these interviews. You will change your mind, AND see new possibility in your own life!

All of these people are contributing extremely valuable gifts to Bob's book promotion, and each of these gifts is yours at no charge when you purchase Bob's book on the day it releases.

The interviews are yours regardless of whether you purchase the book, and I urge you to register for the series. The interviews are short and sweet, but filled with power!

Here's where to register

I know you'll enjoy the interviews, or I wouldn't send you there. :)



P.S. The gifts that have been contributed to Bob are truly amazing in and of themselves. Any one of the gifts is worth many times what folks will pay for his new book! See if you don't agree that these are more than just "bonus" items...

Prometheus (The Alien Prequel)

I think we are in the era of screwed up prequels. Most of my friends on foundation3d forum thinking the same - Hollywood making prequels, re-shooting classics like Superman and screwing them up (look look Superman has a child!) Among all those nonsense my friends on foundation3d forum have nice expectations about Prometheus (The Alien Prequel). I don't write about movies much. I'm not a film critique - I don't want to be because being an awesome film critique is far worse than being a mediocre film director. At least Director doing his/her best to create a form of art. What a film critique doing except gabbing out the things they have no idea how to do?

Well anyway, here you can visit the foundation forum and read what my friends there know and think about that promising prequel.

As a recently watched movie; Super 8 were made me happy, little ones acted so great and even they accomplished telling the "Angry-ET-Wants-To-Go-Home" story very well. Story telling and acting, framing and lighting, set dressing and design is actually way more important than 3D VFX. I personally never enjoy watching movies like Sucker Punch which is not a movie but a video game.

Warning: Non object-space scale baked onto components

If you get that error message on Maya's Command Response History line Warning: Non object-space scale baked onto components. when you use Scale Tool, means something is wrong with the tool settings. And if you try to edit the Subdivision Axis, Height and Caps, the object will go funky. You can fix this with just re-setting the tool on Tool Options (double click the scale icon on the left bar to access the tool options for the scale tool). Easy to solve, however I came across to that video put together by Digital Tutors staff - which is useful. Hope it helps...

Ask DT - Non object-space scale baked onto components? from Digital-Tutors on Vimeo.


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