January 23, 2011

Desk Lamp On Turbosquid

Low poly version: 4695 faces. High poly version: 18522. Subdiv version: 134 faces.

Preview renders done with Bunkspeed Shot so materials are not included. You'll get the model on AO renders and those were rendered with Mental Ray for Maya.

Package includes *.OBJ and *.MB files ready to use for your cool projects. Hope you enjoy!...

January 22, 2011

January 21, 2011

Back On Track

I solved my hard drive issue with removing it(!) and did some long test renders. So far so good. The little render slave works fine. Looking forward to get a nice new workstation anyway.

After all I decided not to drop any of my services of any kind. Not dropping using Vue, Cinema and Modo also. even the renders taking a hell of a time right now. I just love these tools and really don't like the others - at all.

January 18, 2011

January 16, 2011

Advanced Photography Tips - Rules Of Composition

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How To Use Composition In Photography - Techniques

Master The Use Of Composition In Photography

Composition is a tricky thing to master. Unlike the technical aspects of picture-taking, composition cannot be measured like exposure, white balance or focus. It’s a subjective thing that requires personal taste and an appreciation for a range of aspects such as line, shape, perspective and value – to name a few.

Without a sold set of rules, composing photographs well can feel a little overwhelming. In this article you will discover some of the aspects that contribute a well-composed shot. Its up to you to figure out the best combination for you shot, put them into practice and asses how you can use them o emphasise your scene. Its about self expression and evoking mood and atmosphere, rather than replicating the scene as your camera sees it. The world composition is defined as a mixture of ingredients – here we’ll provide the ingredients but then its your job to make the cake.

One of the first things you need to establishes in your scene is what to keep and what to discard. You need to actively edit your scene to get the best from it.

This could mean waiting for a person to get out of the shot, hardening a few distracting blades of grass from the flower or simply deciding to only photograph part of the scene rather than all of it.

If you learn on thing about composition, the key is to simplify your scene as much as you can. Photographing the bare essentials will provide a far more striking image than a muddle of conflicting elements screaming at the viewer from every direction. A simple crop, moving in closer or removing the unnecessary extras can all work wonders to help you achieve top shots.

Once you’ve decided what to retain and what to discard, the next job is to consider your viewpoint. You can easily transform the scene by looking at it from above or below. Assess the available vantage points of the scene and decide if it looks better from a different angle or height other than the eye level. This approach can turn bland objects into something exciting and original. A spiral staircase can benefit from being shot from above, in order to emphasize the height and curve of the structure.

Likewise, a monument or large imposing structure can be made to look even more dramatic by shooting from below and looking upwards

Here are 5 important rules of composition:

For a decent symmetrical image to work, there needs to be a sense of tension, which can be created by elements of suspense or surprise.

-Depth of Field
When organizing space, depth of field can play a big role in how the image will look. Think about what you want to see sharp and then adjust your depth of field accordingly.

-Moments In time
If your scene is a source of action, pre-focus in order to capture the moment in time. Anticipation is key, so be prepared and choose your moment carefully. Alternatively, use continuous shooting mode to capture a sequence in time

To really appeal to the viewer’s sense, incorporate texture into your shot. The appearance of texture can be heightened with the aid of good lighting. A light source raking across the textured surface will exaggerate it beautifully.’

Tone related to the full range of grays present in the scale from the blackest black to the purest white. For a tranquil appeal, its best to aim for low-contrast. To emphasis extremes, opt for a high contrast effect.

Composition and color combine to create a dramatic impact. Assess your subject and see if it will benefit from color treatment. A bleak scene can be made more dramatic by selectively coloring a single element.

Composition is something that is always done, whether you’re a good photography or a bad one. What distinguishes you from the bad photographers is the ability to know how to compose your shot well. I hope you found this useful.

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Important Announcement About My Services

Due to the limited hardware power I have to drop rendering high resolution illustrations until I have enough budget to upgrade my computers.

Till today I was creating 3D elements in one of my primary computer and rendering them in my secondary computer - while it's rendering the 4k-5k images I keep working, doing designs, 3D modeling and other work on my main PC. I had to do it this way because clients are ALWAYS in hurry and never wait. If you make them wait too much they get bored and find another designer.

My secondary PC having hard disk issues. It's a single core AMD Athlon 3700+ means that her time passed and hardware fits to her can't be found on the market anymore except bargain. Currently I have zero budget. And not afford any updates or fixes. If something happens to the primary PC too, I might drop working as "freelance 3D artist" completely and look for a regular job with salary.

I endured till today but I realized I have to give up on some of my services in order to continue work on 3D, graphic design and photography. Meaning that I can not create pretty 3D images and illustrations at print size anymore because I simply cannot afford loosing time with waiting 3 or 10 days for rendering one image. I need a computer to work fast and waiting for long renders is not an option anymore.

That's why I'm limiting my services. Now here's what I can do for you:

- 3D Modeling: I can provide hard surface models of any kind. Architectural of any kind like temple, urban, science fiction or realistic environments. Vehicles of any kind. Props of any kind like weapons, shields, swords etc. Models can be textured of course. But do not expect extremely polished renders and none of my renders can be larger than 1920x1080 because I'd only render to showing the model. Vast natural environments are not an option until a second announce.

- Poster Design: I can design any kind of promo posters.

- Web Design: I can design nice interfaces and add them content with HTML. Flash is not at option.

- Photography: If you like to have nice scenery, close up, urban skyline etc. for your covers, posters, or web site - I can go out and photograph them. Besides that you can contact me for any kind of photography work. But remember I have zero budget to travel.

Software I'm dropping to use:

Unfortunately I can not afford using software I've used to create my current artwork on my portfolio and on my showreel 2010. So I have to drop using

- Cinema 4D
- Modo
- Vue Infinite
- Poser
- Xfrog
- Particle Illusions
- Maxwell Studio / Maxwell Render

Software I'm using to create 3D Models:

Keeping up working with following software packages which supported by an office I've used to work with.

- Maya
- Zbrush
- After Effects (know it only enough to survive like compositing multipass renders - I'm not Andrew Kramer on it)

For design work I am using:

- Photoshop
- Dreamweaver
- Indesign | Illustrator (know them only enough to survive)

I hope I cleared up the point and issue. Please contact me considering this. Thank you.

January 13, 2011

12 Street Photography Techniques – Tips and Tricks

12 Tricks To Make Street Photography Outstanding

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How To Capture Amazing Street Photography - 12 Tips

Get streetwise and realize the photographic potential in your urban wonderland with these tips:

1. Less is more
In terms of equipment, less if more. If you are traipsing the streets of a city for hours on end you’ll want to cut down on the baggage, so a good pair of walking shoes and a comfortable camera strap should not be negotiated. Additionally, you’ll want to blend in to catch subjects unawares; erecting a tripod or using a telephoto lens won’t suggest subtlety.

2. Off the beaten track
Street photography is not tourist photography so go off the beaten track and capture what is being done behind the scenes. Going out at an unusual time can help you find great shots and because street photography is not dependent on perfect light setting, you have no excuse not to get out early and start out till ate

3. Stolen moments
The key to successful street shooting is to be on the lookout for an opportunity before it happens. Anticipate action by scouring groups for potentials clashes or bond, judge the atmosphere of a crowd and react to body language and facial expressions.

4. True colours
Colourful clothing or backgrounds can sometimes be a distraction when you want to concentrate on facile expression and gesture and for this reason the genre lends itself to black and white. However, there will be opportunities where lurid and gaudy colors collide and it would be a crime to convert.

5. In the background

By paying attention to the background, you can catch some stolen moments. Look for billboards, signs, graffiti or other visual elements that could be used to make humorous, ironic or incongruous statements.

6. Opposites attract
Look for compositions that reveal dichotomy to build a story or challenge a viewer’s presumptions. Try splitting the composition between the reflections on the ground and the scene above, or capture part of a building half in the dark, half in the light.

7. What a performance
Street entertainments make ideal subjects but try to capture from a different viewpoint. Whether it’s a parade, buskers, free runners, skateboarders or breakdancers, they offer a something a little different to your average street scene. Experiment with your compositions and choose a high shutter speed to capture the action

8. Off the streets
Despite its name, the genre does lend itself to other recreation areas, especially those where people expect cameras to be present. For example, try the seaside, fairgrounds, parks, sporting events or the zoo.

9. New angle
Get down low or find a higher viewpoint for an unusual angel. Multistory car parks are great for this as you don’t have to shoot through glass and give a high viewpoint in town centers. Be careful that your camera is secured; the last thing you want is to drop your camera and hurt someone.

10. Practice makes perfect
With your camera pre-set, pick a spot on the street and proceed with calmness, sensitivity and poise. With practice, you’ll make great street photographs

11. Fortune favors the brave
Robert Capa once said: ‘If your pictures aren’t’ good enough, you’re not close enough.’ Shots taken in the thick of the action will draw the viewer in, so force yourself to press the button and prepare to deal with the consequences. Better that than regretting missing an opportunity that will never happen again.

12. Frozen Motion
Movement is a key part of capturing the human zoo, so keep those shutter speeds fast and that hand steady or find something to support your camera. To capture people moving across the frame, a minimum of 1/125 sec is recommended and an ISO no slower than 400.

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January 10, 2011

Texture Preview Issue On Maya Swatches

Hello peeps who using Maya out there and if you getting frustrated about not seeing texture previews on Hypershade swatches then here is the solution.

Go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences and hit display on categories you'll see Max res. for swatches there. Select 4K or if you are working with higher resolution then simply select higher and hit save. Hope it will be useful for the users who don't know that one.

Organic Modeling (Girl In Maya)

Working on that little girl for my Turbosquid Store. Hope I can come up with something nice and useful.

January 7, 2011


My robot design/concept from scratch with using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. I designed him for a personal project named Built To Last - Wanted to add more detailed textures and realism to him.

2011'deki ilk kişisel çalışmam bu oluyor. Konsept / Tasarımını sıfırdan Cinema 4D ile yaptığım robotum Reynard'ın daha detaylı olarak kaplanmış hali.

January 6, 2011

Flatiron Plugin

Many cool plug-ins available for 3ds Max - unfortunately not for Modo, Cinema 4D and Vue but for Max. Hope they do stuff like these for my favorite tools too one day.

Thanks for my friend Kutay for letting me know about this.

Created My Own Earth

Earth is the most beautiful planet is our solar system. I'm grateful to live here and recently I've re-created her on Cinema 4D. Project is still in progress but during that I decided to put my Earth on sale at Turbosquid.com

Please have a visit to my Turbosquid store and take a look


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