December 30, 2010

Cerebus 3D Film - Wizard's Palace Progress

My work for Cerebus 3D Film continues. Here's more progress on Wizard's Palace. Only bridges and some other minor details left. Then I'll detail and texture it on Zbrush and Bodypaint. I started it on Maya, but continued it on Modo because Maya is just a total crap when it comes to modeling. Rendered in Modo - rendering was only for preview purposes so not the best rendering out there.

Here's the wireframe view:

Here is the reference drawing I've got from the talented Cerebus 3D team. It has to look like this one.

Do not copy or use any images above. All copyrighted by What Comics Entertainment, Dave Sim, Oliver Simonsen and Cerebus 3D Team.

Learn more about Cerebus here and visit Facebook Page here and also visit the production blog here


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