January 14, 2010

Cerebus 3D Movie Spot

Cerebus 3D Movie Spot from Kerem Gogus on Vimeo.

Spot from pre-viz and tests of Cerebus 3D movie. Temple Environment created by me. Baby steps... but it will be fine in the end. Animation by Oliver Simonsen.

January 9, 2010

Art Squared Monthly Masterpiece Award

Ironheart is just awarded with a selection to the Art Squared Monthly Masterpiece Gallery.

Quote from the web site: "Each month we choose four images to receive our monthly masterpiece award. This accolade is awarded to people we think have excelled in their particular field of work and produced something truly outstanding."

Visit artsquared.co.uk here

January 4, 2010

Awards Of New Year

Hello there,

I'm happy because I've just noticed that two very special and very meaningful work of mine Her Celestial Dream and Iron Heart are selected to the Cream Of Crop (best images gallery) of Cornucopia3D web site. I appreciate for their support and approval which is heartening to continue on what I'm doing.

You can visit my humble awards gallery to see my other achievements. Thanks everyone for their unconditional support on every piece I've created.

And remember: You Only Lose If You Quit!


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