December 29, 2009

Mechanical - Work In Progress

Started to modeling foot parts. Since they are symmetrical I thought they are the easiest parts to start with.

This is the foot part of a robot I'm working on. Wanted to get some clay and wire renders to see how it looks like.

Some more progress. Legs are finished and I started to lower body parts.

December 28, 2009

Sleep - Work In Progress

These are wire-frame shots from one of my recent personal projects. A girl will be on a bed sleeping. And there will be composition which will emphasize she's dreaming.

This is her bed I'm working on. Using poly and nurbs modeling and cloth simulations for bedclothes.

This is her. Couldn't found a name to that girl this time, I don't know why. There'll be bedclothes on her probably black and blue.

Blocking out some lighting to see how the mood could be before start texturing.

December 20, 2009

Return Of The Guardian

Tools: Cinema 4D | Vue | Photoshop | Tablet

My latest work based on an old one. Lots of paintings and effects over the render – it’s more like a matte painting which something I love to do. And actually it was a sunset render but after a phone call with a lady friend it turned out something like this. And maybe I make the sunset later too.

December 16, 2009

Sitting On The Moon - Cornucopia3D Front Page Feature

Sitting On The Moon - has just been added to the Featured images on the title page of Cornucopia3D. I'm glad they enjoyed it. You can see it on today's front page of Cornucopia3d with rest of other stunning works. Visit the site here

Sitting On The Moon adli calismam Cornucopia3D web sitesinde on sayfaya secilmis. Begenileri icin kendilerine tesekkur ediyorum. Siteye buradan ulasabilirsiniz

November 28, 2009

Spacespeedster Clay Render

Clay render of my work in progress which is a Spacespeedster. I'll kidnap someone I know with it and took her to my planet ;)

November 25, 2009

Transparency with AO on C4D

If you are using C4D for most of your renders like me you probably know that option. I wasn't actually and transparency channels of the materials giving me issues on rendering the scene with AO.

The Evaluate Transparency option is for fixing that. I'm using Interposer Pro plugin to import and control my Poser objects on C4D. For hair especially materials are always have transparency channel. And I had issues with it till I discovered the Evaluate Transparency option. Now everything works fine. Most of you probably know that but I wanted to share anyways.

November 21, 2009

New Works In Progress

Two new works are in progress. One of them on final rendering and currently working on the other one. Finished setting up the scene and planing to keep it up with lighting. I don't have a muse anymore. All the inspiration is coming from the deep of my mind.

Witching Hour a.k.a. Sleepless Dream

Project: Fairytale - Name will change when it's done.

November 2, 2009

StereoJunk Online Magazine Feature

This is not a new one - an important feature on a large scale online magazine named StereoJunk. I posted this to my self hosted blog when it's original publish date but I've lost that blog because of backup errors - so I decided to post it here again. Just flip the pages and enjoy great art.

October 31, 2009

Sitting On The Moon

Tools Used: Vue xStream | Poser | Photoshop (Textures/Postwork) | Graphic Tablet

I needed to express what kind of loneliness I'm feeling when she's not on my side. Michael Cretu did something similar on his song "Sitting On The Moon" - I wanted to do the same in digital canvas which he was accomplished with wonderful melodies. It's like this... It's like being on the moon all alone and watching planet earth from distance with little piece of hope that she's watching the same very moon in the night.

I'm sitting on the moon watching planet blue, hello...
Looking all around rotating without sound, where are you?
Where are you? I'm sitting on the moon... missing you...

I came from very far a little unknown star, "hello..."
I don't know what to do it's so cold and blue, without you
Where are you? I'm sitting on the moon... missing you...


Onun yanimda olmamasinin ne cesit bir yalnizlik duygusu verdigini anlatmam gerekiyordu. Michael Cretu buna benzer bir seyi "Sitting On The Moon" parcasindaki muhtesem melodilerle basarmisti, ben de kendiminkileri dijital tuale yansitmaya calistim. Bu boyle birsey iste... Ay'da tamamen yalniz olmak, ve dunya gezegenini onun da gecenin icinde ayni Ay'a bakmakta olduguna dair bir umut kirintisiyla uzaklardan izlemek gibi.

Ay'da oturmus mavi gezegeni izliyorum, merhaba...
Heryere bakiniyorum sessizce etrafinda donuyorum, neredesin?
Neredesin? Ben ay'da oturmusum iste... seni ozluyorum...

Cok uzaklardaki kucuk bir yildizdan geldim ben, "merhaba..."
Ne yapmam gerekir bilemiyorum, sensiz cok soguk ve mavi (huzunlu),
Neredesin? Ben ay'da oturmusum iste... seni ozluyorum...

-See Without Watermark
-Free Widescreen Wallpaper

October 29, 2009

My Supergirl

Yes, Supergirl - my Supergirl. I love Supergirl since I was a kid. Helen Slater starred the very first and last movie and it was awesome. This image here I posted it just a preview from a large scene with some cool details. I illustrated a Supergirl as a birthday gift for a special friend of mine. Now just waiting for that day come to send it to her.

October 23, 2009

Piki's Love W.I.P.

That story came to my mind in this morning and I worked on the robot model whole day. That's a story between that small robot and a girl. As you can guess - it's a love story. I didn't draw any sketches for that one yet. Jumped to the modeling of the Robo directly. Now I'll draw one to clean things up about how the whole scene may look like.

Here is Piki 2000 with pose and materials on it. I have to import him to Vue from Cinema 4D to continue - because my Poser figure wasn't worked fine with all it's morphs. InterPoser Pro didn't worked fine with my copy of Victoria4 :(

This is Aliana. The girl Piki loves. It's Victoria 3 with some cool clothing and textures. Put together in Poser and Imported to Cinema 4D with Interposer Pro plugin. Hope she looks great on the environment with lots of lights around.

Bridge Model Kit: Something I've learned from Mr. Eric Hanson. Modeling a detailed one part and using it again and again with moving and rotating some major parts to create a rich feeling. On my case - I'll able to duplicate the part and rotate some objects to create a rich looking bridge environment for my characters.

October 3, 2009

DragonFly Concept

Concept design of the space ship I'm working on a personal improvement and self obsessed project. Created with using Cinema 4D in half of a day.

October 2, 2009

Eon Software Featured Me And David Arkenstone

Kerem Gogus is a 30 year old 3D enthusiast living in Istanbul (Turkey). He is a self trained designer working in 3D Modeling, Digital Painting and in Graphic Design. His aim with 3D Digital Imaging is to create the worlds and places he has in his mind since his childhood.

"I have been interested in graphics ever since I was a kid. My interest in 3D started in high school. I had an Amiga 500, but with its 1024kb of ram it was very hard for me to get into 3D. I could only run some simple terrain generators, and code demos and intros for some computer groups."

Yes - that's me. Please go here and click Myths And Legends to read more...


September 21, 2009

Worlds Apart

Feel the mist of the moonlight
Watch the glow of the firelight
Burning in the moment
Burning in the light

Feel all that surrounds us
Casting off all the darkness
Walking through the river
Searching for you

- Bluestone - Worlds Apart

Software Used: Cinema 4D | Poser | Vue Infinite | Photoshop

This scene came to my mind while listening to the Blue Stone's Worlds Apart album. Entire hard surface modeling and UV layout done with Cinema 4D. Figure setup done with Poser - I've used the DAZ stuff I've purchased. Texturing of the room done with Vue (room model imported as OBJ). Marlin Sci-Fi textures and procedural Vue materials used to create all the effects you've seen on the room. Lots of light to create the ambience - rendered with Global Radiosity. Also cookies used on the key light to create a rich feeling. I hope you enjoy.

September 12, 2009

David Arkenstone's Song of Sheherazade - Behind The Scene

Watch behind the scenes here of this beautiful video and read the Johnny Wilson's descriptions about how they made it possible with zero budget. I've only modeled the outside of the 3d palace as you can see on behind the scenes.

August 22, 2009

The Prosperity Prayer

I am the source of all wealth. I am rich with creative ideas. My mind abounds with new, original, inspired thoughts. What I have to offer is unique, and the world desires it. My value is beyond reckoning. What the world needs and desires, I am ready to produce and give. What the world needs and desires, I recognize and fulfill. The bounty of my mind is without hindrance or limit. Nothing can stand in the way of my inspired creativeness. The overflowing power of God life energy overcomes every obstacle, & pours out into the world, blessing & prospering everyone, & everything through me. I radiate blessings, I radiate creativity, I radiate prosperity, I radiate loving service. I radiate Joy, Beauty, Peace, Wisdom & Power. Humanity seeks me and rewards me. I am beloved of the world. I am wanted wherever I go. I am appreciated. What I have to offer is greatly desired. What I have to offer brings a rich reward. Through my vision the world is blessed. Through my clear thinking & steadfast purpose, wonderful new values come into expression. My vision is as the vision of the mighty ones. My faith is as the faith of the undefeatable. My power to accomplish is unlimited. I, in my uttermost God Source, am all wealth, all power, all productivity. I hereby declare my financial freedom, NOW and henceforth forever!

August 17, 2009

Architecture On Modo #1 - Framework

I've just started to study on Andy Brown's Architectural Modeling tutorial. Featuring the techniques for creating an architectural model in modo from a given set of dimensions that is suitable for architectural visualization. Subject for the modelling exercise is a classic building; part of the Charles Eames house situated in Los Angeles.

I've finished the first part of the lecture which was about creating the frame work for the building with using very cool and flexible Modo tools.

July 29, 2009

Lambaliradyo Final

Software Used: Maya | Mental Ray | Photoshop

The first final of my robot agent character. Modeled with Maya - poly/sub-d modeling and rendered with Mental Ray using Mia Materials.

That's my last work with Maya - switching to Cinema 4D.

July 28, 2009

CGTalk Secret Agent Entry - 3D Modeling Work

I'm still working on my entry for the Secret Agent Challenge on The final idea came to my mind a little late - I wish I could visualize that concept at first place.

My very first idea was about an inter galactic secret agent who chasing a woman who had some important information on her side. The second idea was a cool female agent with her cool car and her weapons. Third is - came a bit late - but the idea ı like most. Which is a funny looking Robot Agent listening to some other spies with his funny looking devices.

His name is Lambaliradyo. And I modeled him on Cinema 4D. When finished modeling I posed him with using standard move and rotate tools. Since it will be a still image rigging is not needed. Also I don't know how to rig LOL

Some of my friends can't believe that I modeled all of these by myself. I don't know how I look like from the outside but I'm able to model these kind of stuff - and I'm grateful about this.

When you have a character you need also a cool environment to place it. And also the opposite... When you have a cool environment you might need some figures to emphasize the composition. Anyway - it's forbidden to use Poser models on CG Talk Challenges and of course it's a good thing. On my entry of course I modeled all the elements by myself.

Finished the lighting and started texture mapping. I hope it will turn out something really cool and funny. Because it's enjoyable and fun working on it.

July 17, 2009

El Dorado

On David Arkenstone's Myths & Legends DVD I worked for 4 videos. For the El Dorado video I created over 30 3D digital illustrations. Separated into layers for animating and compositing. I put my imagination together with David's music to create a concept for the video - that was amazing for me to work with my all time favorite musician and my idol. Also I had a chance to work with Hollywood visual fx specialist Johnny Wilson on this project. He gave life to my images with his incredible skills.


Enchantment - Walktrough

Enchantment - has just been added to the Featured images on the title page of Cornucopia3D. I'm glad they enjoyed my image. You can see it on the front page of Cornucopia3d with rest of other stunning works...

Well I wanted to post some screen shots from work in progress level.

The idea of that scene in my mind for a very long time - 3 years perhaps. I was inspired from one of my ex girl friends. I wanted to be a hero for her to lift her to the stars... Well that never happened LOL Instead I created this image.

First I started to set up characters with using Poser. I have some DAZ stuff fits well to this composition. Many of you must know about these already and I'm sure you guys used these a lot too.

I was lucky about the hair - when I applied that pose to the girl figure, hair moved itself just as I wanted.

I exported figures when I'm happy with them. I'm using an export plug-in for Poser 7 to get all the necessary textures into one folder. I prefer to import them as OBJ to Vue - but Skin Vue Plugin is not working with OBJs of course. I enhanced the figures skin with it.

For the lighting - even with GI or GR I usually add a couple of fill, kicker and back lights. In that scene I've used just 2 fill lights and the main sun light as the key. I was happy with the results on preview renders.

After the final render at 4000pix - I took the image to Photoshop to make a cool sky background. I always render with Alpha Channel makes it very easy to interact with sky, or water. ect. Also sometimes I use layered renders too.

I started with color corrections, then added textures to the figure - because I thought they look a bit flat. Also started to add some sky elements like planets and birds. I decided to use only one planet. There's always must be a moon and birds on romantic scenes.

Also I started to add some gradient layers with different color combination to create more dramatic feeling. Also added highly blurred lens flare layers onto characters to emphasize the back and fill lights hitting on them.

When working on an image deciding to how the final will look is kinda hardest part for me. On that particular image it was kinda over saturated a bit on the final. I was undecided to cool it down or not - because I was also after a fairytale look. Then I decided to save out the image and look at it one day after.

Next day when I opened the image I was sure what to do. Duplicated the final image layer and turned it into black white with screen blending mode. Also played with levels and curves. I was happy with the final result - looked good on overall and also on plants.

Well that's all folks - glad you enjoy the process. Thanks for taking time to read.

Cornucopia3d Feature

Enchantment - has just been added to the Featured images on the title page of Cornucopia3D. I'm glad they enjoyed my image. You can see it on the front page of Cornucopia3d with rest of other stunning works. Visit the site here

Enchantment adli calismam Cornucopia3D web sitesinde on sayfaya secilmis. Begenileri icin kendilerine tesekkur ediyorum. Siteye buradan ulasabilirsiniz

July 16, 2009

Loreena McKennitt -

Loreena McKennitt - Kerem Göğüş 5 Temmuz 2009

"Bu keşif yolculuğunun ilk adımı, Keltler ve tarihlerine gösterdiğim ilgi ile başladı ve bu ilgi daha sonra coğrafya ve tarihsel anlamda birçok başka yollara kapı açılmasına önayak oldu. Bu "müzikal belgesel", hayat ve sevgi, zafer ve ölüm; sıla hasreti, benlik, göçler ve sonucunda değişime uğrayan kültürler gibi bütün insanlığı ilgilendiren konuları işleyen bir tarihsel bakış ile meydana çıkarıldı. Yollarımız farklı olabilir ama sevme ve sevilme arzumuz, özgürlüğe olan doyumsuzluğumuz, toplumumuz içinde kendine özgü bir birey olarak kabul edilme ihtiyacımız gibi arayışları paylaşmaktayız." - Loreena McKennitt

Başarı Bilimi'nin kurucularından sayılan Napoleon Hill Çekim Prensipleri'ni açıkladığı Düşün Ve Zengin Ol ve Başarının Anahtarları eserlerini mühendisler, girişimciler, mucitler, ve sanatçılardan oluşan çok başarılı 500 kişilik bir grup insanı 25 yıl boyunca araştırıp analiz ederek yazmıştı. Loreena McKennitt Napoleon Hill'in kitaplarını okumuş mudur bilmem ama eğer aynı döneme denk gelselerdi Hill'in McKennitt'i da araştırma listesine katardı eminim. Burada "zenginlik" kelimesinin sadece maddi varlıkları kapsadığını düşünmeyin. Dünyanın en zengin insanları Mevlevi dergahındaki Sufilerdi çünkü.

Loreena McKennitt, İrlandalı şair ve yazar W. B. Yeats ve Britanyalı arp sanatçıları Alain Stivell, Planxty ve Bothy Band hayranıdır. Aslen Kanadalı olan ve Kanada'da yaşayan McKennitt İrlanda folk müziğine olan iflah olmaz ilgi ve sevgisine yenik düşüp 1982'de İrlanda'ya ilk yolculuğunu gerçekleştirdiğinde ülkenin her yanında ve her insanda aynı Kelt ruhunu ve lirizmini bulacaktı.

Kanada'ya döndüğünde içinde duyduğu bu Kelt ateşiyle Yeats'sin The Stolen Child şiirini yorumladı. Diane Stewart Rapaport'un yazdığı How To Make And Sell Your Own Recordings (Kendi Kayıtlarınızı Yapıp Satmanın Yolları) adlı bir kitaptan esinlenerek 1985 yılında kendi plak şirketi olan Quinlan Road'u kurdu ve dokuz şarkıdan oluşan "Elemental" albümünü kaydetti. İlk kopyaları kendi arabasında satmaya başladı. Halkın karşısına ie en kolay yolla, sokak çalgıcısı olarak çıkıyordu.

Loreena McKennitt, oturup adının duyulmasını beklemedi. Paranın ya da ödüllerin gökten yağmasını da. Station arabasının arkasında satış yaptığı ya da sokak çalgıcısı olduğu için kendini küçük görmedi. Ve asla vazgeçmedi. Olumsuz bir duygu hissetmedi çünkü sevdiği şeyi yapıyordu ve içine kattığı sevgi müziğini duyan herkes tarafından da hissediliyordu. Eğer birileri size başarı ve zenginliğe giden "kısa yolu" göstereceğini iddia ederse hemen oradan uzaklaşın çünkü hepimizin adını duyduğu o "bir gecede gelen şöhret" aslında uzun ve zorlu çalışmaların ürününden başka bir şey değildir.

McKennitt'in posta listesi uzarken, kafeler ve kitapçılarda ağızdan ağıza yayılan öneriler önemli bir dinleyici kitlesinin oluşmasını sağladı. Artan dinleyici kitlesi McKennitt'in duygularını paylaşırken, McKennitt eski bir sesin yankılarının peşinden koşarak geleneksel kanonu keşfetti. "The Visit" albümünde yer alan "Bonny Portmore" ile her zaman gurur duydu. Çünkü bu şarkı Hristiyanlık öncesi kabilelerin taptığı İrlanda'da ki meşe korularının yok edilmesi üzerine bir balad idi ve bu parça günümüzde eski ormanların korunması ile ilgili hareketlerde tema müziği olarak kullanılmaktadır.

McKennitt "Elemental" albümünden sonra "To Drive The Cold Winter Away" (1987) adlı albümünde geleneksel Noel şarkılarını yeniden yorumladı. Bence kesinlikle dinlenesi gereken ve beklediğinizden çok farklı olduğunu göreceğiniz bir albüm. Şahsen kültürüme ters olduğunu düşündüğüm şarkılarda kendi kültürümden izler bulmak cidden şaşırtıcıydı. Bir sonraki albümü "Parallel Dreams" de kültürler arası etkileşime ilk adımı atan McKennitt aynı dönemlerde Kanada Ulusal Film Kurulu'nun "Kadınlar ve Tinsellik" başlıklı film dizisinin müziklerini de yaptı.

Loreena McKennitt'in gelişiminde 1991 yılında Venedik'te düzenlenen gelmiş geçmiş en büyük uluslararası Kelt el sanatları sergisi çok önemli bir rol oynadı. Sergiyi anımsarken McKennitt "O sergiye gitmeden önce, Keltlerin sadece Irlanda, Iskoçya, Galler ve Britanya'dan gelen insanlar olduklarını düşünüyordum" diyor.

Macaristan, Ukrayna, İspanya, ve Küçük Asya gibi uzak bölgelerden gelen Kelt sanatının yüzyıllar süren zenginliği ve çeşitliliğini görünce McKennitt "Çok etkilendim. Ailenizin sadece anne baba ve kardeşlerinizden oluştuğunu düşünürken birden kim olduğunuzun uzantısı olan tarihi bir kesitin farkına varmak gibi bir şey bu" demiştir.

Müziğindeki bu dönüm noktası bir sonraki albümü olan "The Visit" (1992) de açıkça görülmektedir. Eski çağlardan gelen tambur sesleri Shakespeare, Tennyson ve 8. Henry şiirleri ile harmanlanmış Greenslaves gibi geleneksel Britanya motiflerini taşıyan melodiler All Souls Night gibi doğu ezgileri arasında tarihi baştan başa geçen bir köprü kurmuştur.

Öte yandan Loreena McKennitt'ın araştırması ve yolculuğu onu Türkiye'ye kadar getirecekti. Çünkü göçebe kabilelerden oluşan Kelt'lerin çıkış noktası aslında Türkiyedir. Araştırmaların sonuçları netleşip tarihi gerçekler aydınlanana kadar pek çok insan gibi ben de Keltlerin Britanya, İrlanda ve İskoçya kökenli olduklarını düşünürdüm. (Kaynak:

1994 yılında benim Loreena McKennitt ile tanışmamı sağlayan albüm "The Mask And The Mirror" çıktığında McKennitt'ın araştırma süreci de önemli bir düzeye ulaşmıştı. Yeni yolculuk rotasında İspanyan'nın Kelt etkisinin gayet belirgin olduğu Galiçya ve sonra da Musevi, İslam ve Hristiyan kültürlerinin birleşerek Batı uygarlığının gelişiminde önemli ilerlemelerin yaşandığı Altın Dönem (Golden Age) olarak bilinen periyodun yarattığı 15. yüzyıl İspanyası vardı. Çok etkileyici bir müzikal şölen olan "The Mask And The Mirror" albümü "The Book Of Secrets" ve "An Ancient Muse" gibi Osmanlı ve Türk kültürlerinin daha belirgin şekilde görüleceği albümlerin de temelini oluşturmuştur.

McKennitt'ın ayrıcalıklı anlayışı müzik endüstrisine yaklaşımını yansıtan bir bağımsızlık görüşüyle örtüşür. "Kırsal kesimden ve çiftçilikten geliyor olamam bana kendime yetme anlayışını kazandırdı. Yaratıcı sorun çözme yeteneği kazanıyorsunuz. Bir şeyi çok istiyorsanız kolları sıvayıp işe koyulursunuz."

McKennitt müzik endüstrisinde tanınma zamanının geldiğini görünce dünya çapından dağıtım konusunda Warner Group ile anlaşma imzaladı. Kırktan fazla ülkede milyonlarca satış yapmasını sağladığı için bu oldukça verimli bir anlaşma oldu. "The Visit" albümünden başlayarak Warner tüm dağıtımı üstlenirken, McKennitt yaratım ve tanıtım ile ilgili her konuyu denetimi altına aldı.

Araştırma, kayıtlar ve turlardan oluşan yeni bir aşamanın heyecan verici başlangıcında McKennitt geleceği yansıtmak için geçmişi araştıran bir kariyer öngörüyor.

"Yeteneklerimi merak ve hayal gücüm ile bir araya getirebildiğim için kendimi olağanüstü şanslı görüyorum. Bu süreç insanlığı ve insanın durumunu akla yakın ve anlam dolu bir biçimde daha ayrıntılı olarak keşfetmemi sağladı. Bana tarihlerimizin birikiminden oluştuğumuzu ve sonunda sadece aşağı yukarı aynı olduğumuzu değil, bizi birbirimizden ayırmak yerine bir arada tutacak daha çok özellik ve ortak noktaya sahip olduğumuzu öğretti. Bu inanmayı seçtiğim bir inancın gücüdür."

Loreena McKennitt'in günlüğünden;

Gordion - Türkiye, Haziran 2002. Bugün Türkiye, Anadolu'da Gordion dışında harikulade bir arkeolojik siteyi ziyaret ettim. Efsaneleri göre burası Kral Midas'ın memleti, Büyük İskender'in Gordion Düğümünü keserek çözdüğü yer. Burada tabaka tabaka medeniyetler gizli: Hititler, Frigyalılar, Sümerler ve Keltler. Ve daha birçokları...

Efes - Türkiye, Ekim 2005. Bana çok kısa gelen Türkiye gezisinin son durağı... Bu şaşılacak kalıntılarda dolaşıyoruz ve ben tekrar bir zamanlar burada yaşamış medeniyetin hatıraları içinde kaybolup gidiyorum: Ticari ilişkiler, ibadet ve günlük yaşantıları. Bu taş yığınları dilleri olsa kim bilir ne hikayeler anlatırlardı...

Real World Stüdyoları - Wiltshire, Mayıs 2006: Beneath A Phrygian Sky (Yakındoğu Göğünün Altında) başlıklı şarkımın neler iletebileceği konusunda epeyce zorlandım... Belki bu kendimize ve sarmaş dolaş olduğumuz doğal dünyaya olan sevgi savaşına bir çağrı. Elimize tüm imkanlar verilse tarihten ne öğrenebiliriz? Yapabilir miyiz? Yapacak mıyız? Hayatta kalabilmemize yardım edebilecekler arasında en önemlisi, her insanın günlük yaşantısında var olan sevginin büyüklüğüdür...


* Elemental (1985)
* To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1987)
* Parallel Dreams (1989)
* The Visit (1991)
* The Mask and Mirror (1994)
* The Book of Secrets (1997)
* An Ancient Muse (2006) US Grammy 2008 adayı.
* A Midwinter Night’s Dream (2008)

Konser Albümleri

* Live in Paris and Toronto (1999)
* Nights from the Alhambra (2007)


* A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season (1995)
* Live in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts (1995)
* Words and Music (1997)
* A Moveable Musical Feast (2008)


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* The Mummers' Dance (1997)
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* Loreena McKennitt: Nights from the Alhambra
* A Moveable Musical Feast

July 13, 2009

Chat With SpaceArt SuperStar Gary Tonge

Space/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art Super Star Gary Tonge - - was the guest artist of SpaceArt Chat Room on This was my part with asking my question and his kind words about my work.

[19:02:03] < antifan-real > hey Kerem - nice lastest image :)
[19:02:03] < artofkerem > Hello Gary! :D I'm in love with your artwork since 2003 I think and my frist visits was to your HTML site. The style of yout art on that old site's gallery was pretty different than your current style. What makes you to change/evolve your style and why? What's the favorite part on old style - and are you missing it? - Thanks in advance and keep on rockin' :headbang: :D
[19:02:14] < artofkerem > oh thanks man :D :dance:
[19:02:29] < artofkerem > you can pucn me if this question is already
asked... I can show everyone that I have Gary
Tonge's signature on my face :lol:
[19:02:42] < artofkerem > punch*
[19:03:07] < taenaron > lol
[19:03:09] < taenaron > :D
[19:03:14] * jacabyte has left #spaceart ( (connection reset))
[19:03:35] * casperium has joined #spaceart
[19:04:23] < antifan-real > You know, a lot of my style changes started when I got my tablet in 2003 ish - it loosened my art up quite a lot and I think my style migrated over time to encompass the looser and more vivacious style I sometimes do while still on occasions holding to the neat style I used to have more often (although I think I ma less anal about idividual lines now)
[19:04:40] * casperium has left #spaceart ( (connection closed))
[19:04:54] < antifan-real > I think all artists chanfge styles often - look at piccasso - whooaaa! - or mullins etc.
[19:04:59] * thiagochackal has left #spaceart ( (timed out))
[19:05:09] < antifan-real > yours has changed too (gotten braver)
[19:05:15] * thiagochackal has joined #spaceart
[19:05:19] < artofkerem > I see... thanks a lot man :D great to have you here
[19:05:25] < taenaron > looks like you know each other ;)
[19:05:28] < artofkerem > and thanks for your kind words about my work
[19:05:49] < antifan-real > I know his work :)
[19:05:53] < taenaron > thanks for the question artofkerem ;)
[19:05:56] < taenaron > ah okay :)
[19:06:28] < antifan-real > no problem kerem :)
[19:06:29] < taenaron > oh jacabyte just left the channel... hmm
[19:06:56] < antifan-real > gone to check kerems wok and killed the window I bet :)
[19:07:00] < taenaron > then we go one with remix-01 ;) and right after Arctic-Affinity ;)
[19:07:03] < taenaron > for sure! :D
[19:07:08] < antifan-real > work - not his oriental cooking
[19:07:19] < taenaron > xD

July 4, 2009

Worlds Apart Final

Here's the final image. With and without post work for compare. I hope you enjoy - it was fun to work on it.

Worlds Apart WIP #5

Work In Progress
Finally UVs are done. I didn't laid and didn't used Bodypaint. Just added UV modifier to the objects one by one and choose the right options between cubic, uvw and spherical mapping methods and so on. Planing to continue with the texturing in Vue xStream.

Worlds Apart WIP #4

Work In Progress
I "clay" rendered the room to see the model under a bright light before texturing to make sure everything looks fine. After this I started to create UVs.

Worlds Apart WIP #3

Work In Progress
That's the room model I've created with Cinema 4D. As you can see on the object list, not so many objects but enough detail to emphasize the high-tech, futuristic look as best as I can.

Worlds Apart WIP #2

Concept / Pre-viz
I kept adding and positioning figures and when I'm done I've started to block out the lights. I was planing to used the same scene setup with my room model.

Worlds Apart WIP #1

Concept / Pre-viz
This is the scene I've assembled with "Deco Walls" objects on Poser. I was about to use these on the scene - but after a hi-res test render I realized that textures are only 640x480. Decided to re-texture them but on that time the whole rig looked very few detailed to me. I think that's the problem of Poser props - lack of detail and low-res textures. I realized that I can add whatever detail I want with modeling it myself. Then I started to work with Cinema 4D for creating a nice futuristic room.

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Twilight New Moon Poster Design

My own Twilight Newmoon poster design. Just for fun. I really like that photo of Ms. Stewart and it's fun to design something in Underworld style. I really like the official poster of the movie btw. They took much better photos of course. I hope you enjoy...

Featured Work

The Wishing Tree is the best seller print of mine also awarded on 3D World Magazine as the Image Of The Month and featured on CG Magazine China.


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