December 29, 2009

Mechanical - Work In Progress

Started to modeling foot parts. Since they are symmetrical I thought they are the easiest parts to start with.

This is the foot part of a robot I'm working on. Wanted to get some clay and wire renders to see how it looks like.

Some more progress. Legs are finished and I started to lower body parts.

December 28, 2009

Sleep - Work In Progress

These are wire-frame shots from one of my recent personal projects. A girl will be on a bed sleeping. And there will be composition which will emphasize she's dreaming.

This is her bed I'm working on. Using poly and nurbs modeling and cloth simulations for bedclothes.

This is her. Couldn't found a name to that girl this time, I don't know why. There'll be bedclothes on her probably black and blue.

Blocking out some lighting to see how the mood could be before start texturing.

December 20, 2009

Return Of The Guardian

Tools: Cinema 4D | Vue | Photoshop | Tablet

My latest work based on an old one. Lots of paintings and effects over the render – it’s more like a matte painting which something I love to do. And actually it was a sunset render but after a phone call with a lady friend it turned out something like this. And maybe I make the sunset later too.

December 16, 2009

Sitting On The Moon - Cornucopia3D Front Page Feature

Sitting On The Moon - has just been added to the Featured images on the title page of Cornucopia3D. I'm glad they enjoyed it. You can see it on today's front page of Cornucopia3d with rest of other stunning works. Visit the site here

Sitting On The Moon adli calismam Cornucopia3D web sitesinde on sayfaya secilmis. Begenileri icin kendilerine tesekkur ediyorum. Siteye buradan ulasabilirsiniz


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