October 31, 2009

Sitting On The Moon

Tools Used: Vue xStream | Poser | Photoshop (Textures/Postwork) | Graphic Tablet

I needed to express what kind of loneliness I'm feeling when she's not on my side. Michael Cretu did something similar on his song "Sitting On The Moon" - I wanted to do the same in digital canvas which he was accomplished with wonderful melodies. It's like this... It's like being on the moon all alone and watching planet earth from distance with little piece of hope that she's watching the same very moon in the night.

I'm sitting on the moon watching planet blue, hello...
Looking all around rotating without sound, where are you?
Where are you? I'm sitting on the moon... missing you...

I came from very far a little unknown star, "hello..."
I don't know what to do it's so cold and blue, without you
Where are you? I'm sitting on the moon... missing you...


Onun yanimda olmamasinin ne cesit bir yalnizlik duygusu verdigini anlatmam gerekiyordu. Michael Cretu buna benzer bir seyi "Sitting On The Moon" parcasindaki muhtesem melodilerle basarmisti, ben de kendiminkileri dijital tuale yansitmaya calistim. Bu boyle birsey iste... Ay'da tamamen yalniz olmak, ve dunya gezegenini onun da gecenin icinde ayni Ay'a bakmakta olduguna dair bir umut kirintisiyla uzaklardan izlemek gibi.

Ay'da oturmus mavi gezegeni izliyorum, merhaba...
Heryere bakiniyorum sessizce etrafinda donuyorum, neredesin?
Neredesin? Ben ay'da oturmusum iste... seni ozluyorum...

Cok uzaklardaki kucuk bir yildizdan geldim ben, "merhaba..."
Ne yapmam gerekir bilemiyorum, sensiz cok soguk ve mavi (huzunlu),
Neredesin? Ben ay'da oturmusum iste... seni ozluyorum...

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October 29, 2009

My Supergirl

Yes, Supergirl - my Supergirl. I love Supergirl since I was a kid. Helen Slater starred the very first and last movie and it was awesome. This image here I posted it just a preview from a large scene with some cool details. I illustrated a Supergirl as a birthday gift for a special friend of mine. Now just waiting for that day come to send it to her.

October 23, 2009

Piki's Love W.I.P.

That story came to my mind in this morning and I worked on the robot model whole day. That's a story between that small robot and a girl. As you can guess - it's a love story. I didn't draw any sketches for that one yet. Jumped to the modeling of the Robo directly. Now I'll draw one to clean things up about how the whole scene may look like.

Here is Piki 2000 with pose and materials on it. I have to import him to Vue from Cinema 4D to continue - because my Poser figure wasn't worked fine with all it's morphs. InterPoser Pro didn't worked fine with my copy of Victoria4 :(

This is Aliana. The girl Piki loves. It's Victoria 3 with some cool clothing and textures. Put together in Poser and Imported to Cinema 4D with Interposer Pro plugin. Hope she looks great on the environment with lots of lights around.

Bridge Model Kit: Something I've learned from Mr. Eric Hanson. Modeling a detailed one part and using it again and again with moving and rotating some major parts to create a rich feeling. On my case - I'll able to duplicate the part and rotate some objects to create a rich looking bridge environment for my characters.

October 3, 2009

DragonFly Concept

Concept design of the space ship I'm working on a personal improvement and self obsessed project. Created with using Cinema 4D in half of a day.

October 2, 2009

Eon Software Featured Me And David Arkenstone

Kerem Gogus is a 30 year old 3D enthusiast living in Istanbul (Turkey). He is a self trained designer working in 3D Modeling, Digital Painting and in Graphic Design. His aim with 3D Digital Imaging is to create the worlds and places he has in his mind since his childhood.

"I have been interested in graphics ever since I was a kid. My interest in 3D started in high school. I had an Amiga 500, but with its 1024kb of ram it was very hard for me to get into 3D. I could only run some simple terrain generators, and code demos and intros for some computer groups."

Yes - that's me. Please go here and click Myths And Legends to read more...



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