September 21, 2009

Worlds Apart

Feel the mist of the moonlight
Watch the glow of the firelight
Burning in the moment
Burning in the light

Feel all that surrounds us
Casting off all the darkness
Walking through the river
Searching for you

- Bluestone - Worlds Apart

Software Used: Cinema 4D | Poser | Vue Infinite | Photoshop

This scene came to my mind while listening to the Blue Stone's Worlds Apart album. Entire hard surface modeling and UV layout done with Cinema 4D. Figure setup done with Poser - I've used the DAZ stuff I've purchased. Texturing of the room done with Vue (room model imported as OBJ). Marlin Sci-Fi textures and procedural Vue materials used to create all the effects you've seen on the room. Lots of light to create the ambience - rendered with Global Radiosity. Also cookies used on the key light to create a rich feeling. I hope you enjoy.

September 12, 2009

David Arkenstone's Song of Sheherazade - Behind The Scene

Watch behind the scenes here of this beautiful video and read the Johnny Wilson's descriptions about how they made it possible with zero budget. I've only modeled the outside of the 3d palace as you can see on behind the scenes.


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